Moving Map Sectionals & Terminal Area Charts & VFR Flyway Charts
In-Flight on your TabletPC

ePilotagetm designed for pilots by pilots
(who are also aerospace electronic systems engineers!)

ePilotagetm adds IN-FLIGHT MOVING MAP charts to our highly acclaimed eSectionalstm (All Editions). ePilotagetm is an 'add-on software module'. With ePilotagetm, you no longer need any paper charts.

Instead you view a moving map Sectional (TAC etc) in the cockpit.
We call it "NO BRAINER P-I-L-O-T-A-G-E !"

ePilotage FEATURES...

  • Automatic Rotated Screen Orientations for TabletPCs
  • ...button layout optimized for either orientation
  • Button Activated Functions (no complex menus)
  • Data display shows...
  • ...Ground Speed, Magnetic/True Track, Altitude
  • ...Distance/Time to Waypoint/Destination
  • GPS based Instrument Panel displays...
  • ...Ground Speed, Altitude,
  • ...True and Magnetic Heading,
  • ...Vertical Speed and Rate of Turn
  • ...calculate WIND Speed and Direction
  • Exclusive Radial Rings to quickly judge distance
  • Show Heading Vector ON/OFF
  • Show Breadcrumb Trail ON/OFF

  • Toggle between Instrument Panel or Moving Map
  • Instantly drag a Waypoint to new position
  • DIRECT TO button selects an emergency destination
  • Instantly Switch between...
  • ...North Up Moving Map with Rotating Aircraft
  • ...Track Up Moving Map with Heads Up Aircraft
  • Overview Map shows position on whole Sectional
  • Map Picker buttons to switch between...
  • ...Sectional, Terminal Area Chart,
  • ...VFR Flyway Chart, Sectional Inset
  • ...or let ePilotage AutoSelect Best Map
  • Flight Track Recorder and Playback
  • Exclusive Route PREFLY simulates...
  • ...your entire flight before you fly

Click for ePilotage Screen Pics and Overview

ePilotage in-flight computer...
Put eSectionals and ePilotage on your home computer and your in-flight TabletPC (aka EFB). The TabletPC needs to be viewable in sunlight will have a touch screen. (Suitable units range in cost from about $700 to $2900. Check out Samsung, Fujitsu, Panasonic, and Motion Computing.) In addition, you need a GPS receiver with either a Bluetooth or USB interface. Most GPS's use the standard NMEA datastream and are avaiable starting around $70 (GlobatSat BT-338). We do not enjoy selling hardware but can package a system for you. (Or you can buy a Garmin 196/296/396/496 or whatever they now offer for a thousand bucks and then spend $500 a year just to keep the database current.)

ePilotagetm $99.95 one time License Fee


eSectionalstmUSA Edition $99.95 (annual Subscription Cost)
eSectionalstmUS Edition $69.95 (annual Subscription Cost)
eSectionalstmAlaska Edition $39.95 (annual Subscription Cost)
eSectionalstmHomeBase Edition $15 (one time License Fee)

. . . already installed on your computer

Call Fred Stevens, Toll Free, (800) 987-3282.
He will give you an authorization number.
Run eSectionals and enter the authorization number to activate the Purchase form.
Enter your Credit Card. After approval, ePilotage will Download and Install.

NOT CONVINCED? Compare the COST and FUNCTIONALITY of Paper versus eSectionalstm
OR READ OUR Suggestions about In-Flight use of your Laptop or PDA