eSectionalstm eliminates folding paper charts. Instead, you have Sectionals, Terminal Area Charts, and VFR Flyway charts ON YOUR PC in high-resolution, digital files that are identical to the FAA paper charts. But unlike paper, you can zoom to THREE TIMES paper size, DRAW ROUTES across charts, and PRINT TRIPKITS. TripKits provide you with KneeBoard sized pages as 20, 30, 40, or 50 nm frames of your route.
Simply flip pages as you fly.

Instead of TripKits (kneeboard pages), eSectionalstm can also create FlightStrips.
(A FlightStrip is analogous to drawing a multi-leg Route on a chart,
and then cutting each leg as a long strip.)
You will find examples of TripKits and FlightStrips under the LEARN ABOUT menu above.

Instead of printing,
eSectionals lets you "export" the TripKit frames or FlightStrips as jpg images
that you can put on any PDA.

You can also select an area from any chart and print it without having to draw a route.

You could make your own TripKits or FlightStrips by cutting up a paper chart.
If so, you don't need eSectionals.

If you are now carrying a Laptop, Notebook, or the equivalent
as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB),
you can load it with eSectionals USA Edition
and have EVERY Sectional, TAC, and FLYWAY on your aircraft
for less cost than carrying a few paper charts.
And, they are instantly updated by downloading.

eSectionalstm is available in FOUR 'editions' for pilots:

USA Edition
$99.95 per year includes
EVERY Sectional,
Terminal Area Chart,
and VFR Flyway Chart
in the USA and Alaska

HomeBase Edition
$15 one time License Fee includes
one Sectional updated at no cost (FREE) forever
Purchase additional Sectionals for $5
Terminal Area/VFR Flyway Charts for $4
as needed

US Edition
$69.95 per year includes
EVERY Sectional,
Terminal Area Chart,
and VFR Flyway Chart
in the lower 49 states.

ALASKA Edition
$39.95 per year includes
EVERY Sectional and
both Terminal Area Charts
for our bush pilot friends.

We have editions for bulk, multi-pilot, multi-aircraft operations and FBO's.
Since we have both Subscriptions and Licenses and we support Corporations, Flying Clubs, and other mutli-user groups, you need to call
Fred Stevens, VP Sales, at (800)-987-3282
to discuss your needs, quantities, and obtain a quote.

Compare the COST and FUNCTIONALITY of Paper versus eSectionalstm
Suggestions about In-Flight use of your Laptop or PocketPC