QuickRADARtm gives you...
In-Flight National Weather Service Doppler Radar

Uses a cellphone as a modem and a TabletPC for display...
...with the potential of near real-time INFLIGHT DOPPLER RADAR!!!

Custom Designed for TabletPC Finger Touch Operation. No tiny pull-down menus, it's button driven!

Viewing Composite Reflectivity

Button Driven Menus


How does QuickRADARtmWork?

Unlike XM, you do not need an expensive satellite receiver nor will you be spending $50 per month for access. Instead, you will be using your PC to connect to the Internet using your Cellphone as a "dial up modem". If you have an "Aircard", it does the same thing. QuickRADARtm bypasses all the NWS web pages and goes directly to the NWS radar "databank" in the same way as the XM process. Aside from cost, another major difference is that we are getting the latest radars (0 to 5 minutes old) while XM waits to get all the radars then compiles them before rebroadcasting (10 to 15 minutes late).

However, XM is very reliable throughout the US and works at any altitude. QuickRADARtm on the other hand, works only if you are near a cell site. In your car, you can be several miles from a site. In the air, 10,000 feet is slightly over 2.5 miles (angular distance).

And why is QuickRADARtm Free? First, we're pilots too and we are very interested in aviation safety. If we can give you something that might help you out of a bad situation, we'll be flying safer too. And, don't forget, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently rekindled its ridiculous ban on the use of a cellphone in-flight. Note that the FAA has no such ban. (One must wonder why all the Headphone manufacturers offer you cellphone adapters. Guess it's so that you can use your cellphone prior to takeoff).

QuickRADARtm is "plug and play" on the ground, it will require some minor expertise on your part to get it to work in the air. You will have to learn how to couple your CellPhone to the TabletPC and requires a Cellular Signal.


  • FREE Edition displays all the NWS Radars
  • NWS Radars...
  • Reflectivity Base & Composite, Storm Relative and Base
  • Precipitation 1 Hour and Total, and 248 Long
  • NWS Layers...
  • ...Topo, Cities, Rivers, Highways, Legend, and Warnings
  • Zoom and Pan Display
  • Individual Layer Activation
  • Select Radar using MapPicker or State City List
  • Select Radar using State City List
Suggested Computer Specifications:
  • Any PC or TabletPC (examples: Samsung Q1, Motion LS800, Fujitsu 1610)
  • Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP, (Vista, W7 see below)
  • Windows7 and Vista WARNING
  • 128 Mb RAM
  • 30 Mbyte Disk Space
  • USB/Bluetooth CellPhone or Aircard
  • Internet Provider Connection
  • 802.xG Wireless when on the ground



Press the button to download this FREE Aviation software product. Select SAVE (not run), note where you save it, then double click on the filename (Install_920520.exe) to Install. After installing, look for the QuickRADARtm icon on your Desktop.

No user registration required. However, if you want to get update notices, you CAN register (name/address/email) and we will advise you. (We do not sell email addresses!)