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We have just found a 7 x 5 inch "adapter" that becomes an external display for your Laptop. And, it's screen is also a true "tabletpc" touchsreen...no stylus needed. And even better than the TabletPCs discussed below, its screen is TWICE AS BRIGHT as ordinary Tablets and includes both 110VAC and 12VDC power supplies. WE HOPE TO GET THIS UNIT ON OUR WEB SITE BY JUNE 09 FOR YOUR REVIEW.

COST? Consider that most TabletPCs cost range from $950 to $3,500. While we think the Samsung Q1U or Fujitsu U810 are the best available at $1000, if you already have a Laptop, the TabletPC EFB looks pretty expensive. Our DISPLAY ADAPTER IS UNDER $400. S*T*A*Y T*U*N*E*D!!!

Motion Computing LS800

Motion LS800

Samsung Q1 Ultra

Samsung Q1 Ultra
  • Full Sunlight on Screen: Usable
  • Outdoor Sun: Excellent
  • Outdoor Sun In Shade: Excellent
  • Audio Output: Single Speaker very weak
  • Touch Screen: NO! A stylus is required
  • Cost: Starting around $1700 ($2200 ViewAnywere)
  • Altitude Limit: about 10,000 ft
  • Battery: Slightly less than Q1 (up to 2.75 hours)
  • Full Sunlight on Screen: Marginal
  • Outdoor Sun: Very Good
  • Outdoor Sun In Shade: Excellent
  • Audio Output: Stereo 2 speakers 2 watts
  • Touch Screen: YES! Stylus Not Needed
  • Cost: $900 40GB, $1159 60 GB, $1650 SSD
  • Altitude Limit: about 10,000 ft, no limit SSD
  • Battery: Slightly more than LS800 (up to 3 hours)

Display Viewability: The LS800 wins hands down in full sunlight. It is viewable. The Q1 is very good up to the condition of full sunlight directly on the screen. However, there is penalty for the LS800's excellent sunlight viewability. The display is GLASS with a very expensive coating. Not only could the glass get damaged (ruined) but the coating, although "hardened" is subject to scatching. And the LS800 requires a Stylus!

Resolutions: The LS800 is limited to 800x600 (standard VGA) and can be rotated in all four directions. The Q1U has multiple resolutions ranging from 800x600 up to 1280x1024 and even 1600x900. All can be rotated. However, due to the physical size of the Q1U display, text is VERY tiny (but can be made larger with a Windows Utility).

Heat Dissipation: Unfortunately the LS800 gets very hot. In the two years we have been carrying this product, there have been two BIOS updates to reduce "thermal-runaway". What is that? The LS800 SHUTS DOWN if it gets too hot. The only viable solution to this would be to attach a small cooling fan to the back side (can be powered from the USB port). Ram-Mounts makes a mount that includes a fan. On the other hand, the Q1 runs cool. (Make your own cooling fan for the LS-800? Menu>SUPPORT>LS-800 DIY FAN

Stylus: Unfortunately the LS800 requires a stylus to activate the "touch screen. This is a major problem for a pilot. If it were not for the stylus, the LS800 would be the ONLY viable cockpit PC. The Q1 Ultra is true finger "touch screen".

SUMMARY: When one compares cost, the Q1 Ultra is the winner. If your exclusive crtieria is use in FULL DIRECT sunlight, the LS800 is the winner. But we feel, overall, that the Q1 Ultra is the ultimate winner (based on cost, ease of use (no stylus), susceptibility to damage (glass screen), and most of all, having an LS800 shut down due to heating.

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