March 1 2006: ED/iT Releases eSectionalstm USA Edition

eSectionalstm is a revolutionary PC software subscription service providing the Pilot with high resolution digital versions of paper charts. The software includes every Sectional and Terminal Area Chart in the USA and Alaska plus Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The subscription permits the pilot to download charts (update the chart inventory) every 28 days. No more waiting for mail ordered charts. No more going to the FBO to buy a chart.

The main feature of eSectionalstm, aside from nearly instantaneous chart availability, is to enable the pilot to draw routes on the PC and print TripKits. A TripKit is a set of kneeboard sized pages that the pilot flips as the flight progresses. This ELIMINATES FOLDING LARGE PAPER CHARTS IN THE COCKPIT.

Routes are drawn by clicking the mouse at Depart, any number of Waypoints, and Arrive. The software calculates distance and course. Routes can be stored and recalled. Thus, when a chart expires and the pilot needs to make that same flight again, the route is recalled and a new TripKit printed.

The $99.95 annual subscription fee includes a DVD containing all the current charts. Then, every 28 days, they download the FAA updates from our server. The equivalent cost of paper charts from Sporty's is nearly $1000.

Certainly, most pilots do not need this extensive coverage. We are planning to release a "LIMITED Edition" for $24.95 where the pilot then pays only $4 for a Sectional or $3 for a Terminal Area Chart as needed.

eSECTIONALStm Version 1.4

Example of the USA Map Chart Selector

ZOOM: 300% Chart Map Selector