December 4 2006: ED/iT Releases eSectionalstm USA Edition VERSION 3

Version 3 add a database of over 5,500 Airports organized by State and City. We've added a Find Latitude/Longitude feature to quickly located a point on any Chart. The Toolbar now includes an "Adjacent Sectional Chart Display" showing all the Charts that surround the current Chart. This new features makes selecting an adjacent Chart quicker than pulling down the USA or Alaksa map to find a Chart.

This new version now includes both Constant Heading (aka Rhumbline math) AND Great Circle Routing; great for Students as a learning aid. And, after the Pilot draws a route, a popup dialog not only tabulates route leg distance and course, but also lists the names of Sectionals containing parts of the route.

We've made the Build Automatic TripKit feature significantly faster and now includes a frame by frame progress display. In addition, the TripKit Editor Cut&Paste feature now automatically selects the map parts.

In addition to these major features, over 30 minor improvements. For example, the Lat/Lon Overlay (a feature that puts latitude and longitude lines over the "printed" black dashed lines now include choice of color and thickness. We made chart downloading much more convenient permitting the pilot select an array of charts instead of downloading one at a time. Many new features were suggested by our customers.

Version 3 is a major upgrade adding many new features as part of the $99.95 annual subscription fee.

eSECTIONALStm Version 3

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