December 4 2006: ED/iT Releases eSectionalstm Limited Edition

Our new Limited Edition is a revolutionary concept in providing Pilots with low-cost Charts. Unlike our USA Edition which is an annual Subscription service providing pilots with EVERY Sectional and Terminal Area Chart in the FAA's chart inventory, the Limited Edition is an annual Subscription cost of $14.95.

The Pilot selects ONE Sectional as their "home" chart. Every six months, when that chart expires, they simply download the latest chart.

So for an annual cost of under $15, a Pilot gets a full year of a selected chart delivered electronically. They save about $5 over a paper chart and do not have to wait for mail order.

As with our USA Edition, the objective of the Limited Edition, aside from cost, is to enable the printing of TripKits instead of folding large paper charts in-flight.

eSECTIONALStm Limited Edition

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