May 2007: ED/iT Releases ePilotagetm GPS Edition

Existing eSectionalstm users can now add our new ePilotagetm "module" which provides MOVING MAP SECTIONALS, TERMINAL AREA CHARTS, AND VFR FLYWAY CHARTS IN THE COCKPIT (for use with any TabletPC). This software module is a One Time License Fee of only $99.95.

The Pilot can now put both eSectionalstm and ePilotagetm on any TabletPC, connect any GPS (Bluetooth or USB) and view a moving map chart in-flight. TabletPC's cost range from $700 to $1,500.

Features Include:

  • Imports Routes from eSectionsals
  • PREFLY a Route (flight simulator mode)
  • Select NORTH UP or TRACK UP map display
  • Record and Playback Flight Path>
  • Find ALL Nearest Airports
  • Display any Nearest Airport Data
  • Select and FLY TO Nearest Airport
  • Display Radial Rings to show distances
  • Displays Instrument Panel...
  • ...Ground Speed, Altitude, Magnetic/True Course
  • ...Vertical Speed, Turn Rate
  • Heading Vector ON/OFF
  • Breadcrumb Trail ON/OFF
  • Automatic switching between SECs and TACs


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