eSectionalstm LIMITED Edition
is now available as the HOMEBASE Edition
Pilots can now obtain their home Sectional


November 23 2007 Bluemont, VA ED/iT's Aviation Products Division announces a revolutionaly concept in aviation charting and safety. Our eSectionalstm Limited Edition provided pilots one Sectional for a full year for an ANNUAL subscription fee of $14.95. Our new service changes this Limited Edition into eSectionals HOMEBASE Edition.

eSectionals HOMEBASE Edition removes the ANNUAL $14.95 subscription fee with a ONE TIME $15 software Licensing fee. After installing the software, the pilot selects and downloads their "HOME BASE Sectional". From that day foward, until the end of their flying career, they will be able to download their "Home Base Sectional" at no cost. For 75% of General Aviation pilots, this may be the only chart they ever use and they never have to purchase the paper version again. The HomeBase Edition permits a pilot to purchase additional Sectionals for $5 and Terminal Area Charts (with VFR Flyways) for $4 (half the cost of paper). And, unlike pilot shops with inventory, if a pilot is about to purchase a Sectional or TAC that is about to expire, it is provided at HALF PRICE. Why are we taking this beating? We're pilots too and are doing our best to provide FAA Legal Charts at a reasonable price. But eSectionals is not just "charts".

Our eSectionalstm software uses high-resolution digital charts provided to us directly from the FAA's National Aeronautical Charting Office. eSectionals is a powerfull and aviation dedicated product enabling the pilot to measure distance and course with a simple mouse click. Drawing a route within or across multiple charts is easy. After drawing a route, the pilot can use either the Automatic or Manual TripKit Build feature which steps along the route, extracting "frames" containing the route and then can print a TripKit. No more folding four foot charts in flight. They can also export the TripKit to any PDA for in-flight viewing.

If you are a Limited Edition subscriber, you are automatically "grandfathered" into the new HomeBase Edition. Contact ED/iT at (800) 987-3282 so that we can get the new HomeBase Edition on to your PC.